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Success Story

Teachers: The Vital Piece of the Roadmap to Success Program!


Have you ever wondered how we implement the Roadmap to Success Program in classrooms across our area? Education Opens Doors uses a “train the teacher” model, currently working with 175 teachers. We’re very intentional in ensuring that these teachers have the tools they need to empower their students with the information contained in their lessons. After an initial Professional Development session at the start of the program, teachers have access to an online teacher portal that provides lesson information and printouts. Additionally, teachers receive weekly or bi-weekly visits from our Impact Managers, providing continued support.

Although EOD provides a number of tools, we would be nothing without the hard work and dedication of our teachers, who implement the lessons and monitor student progress. Most importantly, the teachers bring our lessons to life with their personal experience and knowledge regarding life before, during, and after college. At times, these teachers are the only influence in the student’s life that can talk about positive experiences with post-high school success. This personal experience and the investment in the Roadmap to Success Program are invaluable resources to EOD; this is why teachers are the vital piece of the Roadmap to Success Program!

EOD distributes a mid-year survey to our teachers to ensure that we are updating the Roadmap to Success curriculum in a responsive manner that best supports their work in the classroom and the needs of their students. Below are some of our favorite responses from teachers in our program that illustrate their investment in their students and their excitement for the Roadmap to Success Program!

“Roadmap to Success is a great program. I think it’s so cool that the students are being exposed to all this information now. I wish I had the chance to participate in the program as a student. I had to learn everything on my own (or the hard way). “

“I’m glad that this program is in place. I want my students to have bright futures.”

“I try and talk to the students personally during each [Roadmap to Success lesson], about their hopes and goals, so they can constantly connect what they’re doing in class to their own lives.”

“I have applied real life/ world examples as to why this is so important. We have had deep discussions about the [Roadmap to Success] topic.”

“Being a first generation college student, I can always add my personal experience to the lesson.”

At the end of this month, EOD will host 2 teacher focus groups to further gain teacher insight and feedback on our program. Check our blog next month for the outcomes!

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