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Informed parents are an integral part of school decisions

Education Opens Doors looks to support parents and students by providing parental education opportunities.

BY kristen pereira, SENIOR curriculum specialist, EDUCATION OPENS DOORS

This article was previously published in the Texas Tribune in December 2022

“Education Opens Doors believes that supporting students means supporting caregivers and looks forward to engaging in a new parent-centered curriculum to assist with this issue.”

“Providing both students and caregivers with reliable information at the time that they need it most is crucial.”

“As EOD seeks to support students, we have learned that true support looks like supporting caregivers as well.”

“Why create content specifically for parents, as opposed to more content solely for students?”

“Through the creation of a parent-centered curriculum known as Parent University, EOD plans to provide researched, nuanced information about the technicalities of the school system including discussions of things like endorsements, electives and dual enrollment courses.”

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