We believe that when doors open, lives change.

We partner with middle schools across the country, training teachers to equip their students with the college and career knowledge and skills they need for long-term success
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Our mission is to activate students to determine and pursue an informed future.

Education Opens Doors is a turnkey program designed to meet a pressing need in our education system: a lack of dedicated time in school to prepare students to make critical decisions for their future and inspire them to reach their potential.

On average, public high school students receive only 38minutes of college and career advising over 4 years.
We turn that 38 minutes over 4
years into 1,200minutes in just one year.
Our solution is what makes us different.
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Created for teachers, by teachers.

We provide teachers with the content, training and technology necessary to equip their students with critical information not traditionally taught in school. Our students learn the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate highschool, set post-secondary goals, and begin their journey to stay on track toward their dreams.

Guiding parents & students alike.

Parents, guardians, and family members play a crucial role in the post-secondary planning process. We are piloting parent programming in 2023-2024 to support parents as they build a roadmap for their students.

our impact spans boundaries

“Through the program, I now understand what opportunities are open for me. I learned that there are multiple problems in the world, but that I could also be a part of the solution.”

The Door That Opened For Me:
“I want to attend Columbia University to become a psychologist and help people understand that they have many opportunities, just like I do.”

- JOHANNA, 7th grade Education Opens Doors student
- JOHANNA, 7th grade Education Opens Doors student

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