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We partner with schools to create a path toward student success, starting at the most pivotal decision-making time in school: middle school. Through teacher training and coaching, technology, and a turnkey, culturally relevant curriculum, we equip students to uncover the “bigger why” behind school to inspire them to reach their fullest potential.

91% of our students planned to pursue a post-secondary credential

or join the military by the end of our 2022-23 program.

how it works

Every school and every student deserves personalized support. For each of our partners, we design an individual roadmap to a meaningful future inspired by the unique needs of their community.

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1. Set the foundation
We work with educational facilities to figure out what works best for their needs. Traditionally, our program is best-fit for during school hours, but we can also create a tailored after-school program or a non-traditional curriculum that makes sense. And to help take learning out of the classroom and into a community, we also offer teacher and parent workshops.
2. Ongoing support & training
Our program is not just a series of lessons for educators—it’s a continuous partnership. Each facility is assigned an Implementation Manager dedicated to the success of that program, creating a dynamic process that adapts to the evolving needs of students and teachers to achieve the most significant impact possible.
3. Endless possibilities
Designed for maximum flexibility and customization, our program can reach every single student through a highly differentiated approach to learning. Together, our students will be able to make informed decisions about their future that redefine success and opportunity for their families and their communities.
By middle school, many students are already behind on the college planning process.
You have the opportunity to change that.

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