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We’re here to support you along the way.

Navigating college and career options can be an overwhelming process. We offer an abundance of family resources, from online workshops and mini-lessons to our best-in-class student guidebook, designed to empower you and your student to make the best decision for the future.

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Our program is designed to help break down barriers for students and parents who don’t have the same access to knowledge and support throughout the college process. From goal setting to financial aid packages, we equip you with the information you need to help your student aspire to greater heights.

Made up of easy-to-understand digital worksheets and assignments guided by best practices in the fields of psychology and leadership, our program is an informative and fun way for you and your student to confidently walk a meaningful path.

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Our support extends far beyond the classroom. We’re dedicated to providing access to reliable and instructive information for parents throughout the college process. Our resources are here to help support you along the way.

Paying For College
Families, Students and Partners access a comprehensive scholarship list that includes opportunities for middle and high school students.
Families can practice completing the Free Application for Financial Student Aid, a tool used to determine how much federal aid students are eligible to receive.
Students download an app (for a fee) so they can complete a survey to locate scholarship applications which are the best fit for them.
Among the many resources on this site are tools to help students navigate and access over $11 billion in scholarship funds. Students can create a free College Greenlight profile and be matched to scholarship opportunities for which they qualify. Students can search through local scholarships based on their geographic region and merit-based scholarships.
Students can learn about the financial aid appeal process, review eligibility requirements, and customize free template appeal letters to submit to their college financial aid office. This virtual resource guides students through the appeal process relating to numerous special circumstances that may make them eligible for an adjustment to their financial aid, such as recent job loss of a parent, a medical crisis, and loss of childcare or housing.
Preparing for the Professional World
Students choose the career that is most interesting to them and learn more from leaders in those specific fields.
Students at participating schools develop their own career plan while in middle school. (Login credentials required)
Students receive a profile of the soft skills they possess that they can use to match with a career.
Students complete a self assessment to determine a list of possible careers for themselves.
Navigating High School
Students read about different strategies to improve their high school grade point average, a key indicator for college admission committees.
Families can explore the vast number of high schools across Texas and make informed choices about the best fit high school for their students.
Applying to College
Families can virtually visit hundreds of different colleges and universities so they can make an informed decision about higher education.
Students receive customized, free SAT prep based on their PSAT scores.
Students can review a nearly universal application for hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States.

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Our team also works with schools to implement our life-changing program into their curriculum. If you want our program at your school, we’d be happy to reach out to leadership to see what we can do.

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