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Continuing the education equity battle

For ten years, our organization has provided students with life-changing information, helping them realize their limitless potential. The battle for education equity, however, is far from over.


This article was previously published in the Texas Tribune in August 2022

“I was first hand witness to many of the education inequities that plagued our system.”

“I still experienced a shocking revelation when it came time to make my choice for what my future would look like.”

“For someone so sure of their pathway in life, I was left with a profound feeling of confusion over what to do next.”

“As the new CEO of Education Opens Doors, I reflect on the millions of students each year who go through similar experiences such as I did.”

“We intend to continue to fight for equity for all students, and to ensure that our parents and teachers are equipped with the resources that will lead to true systemic change.”

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