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Success Story

Teacher Spotlight: Andrew Rhodes, St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School

We’re excited to shine the spotlight on Andrew Rhodes, a 4-8th grade Social Studies teacher at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School. Mr. Rhodes was nominated by his Impact Manager, Jorgie Marin, who shared:

Returning Roadmap to Success teacher Andrew Rhodes has had the amazing opportunity to teach both the Introductory 101 and Advanced 201 programs over the past two years. Mr. Rhodes has created spaces for his students to think aloud and share their dreams and aspirations with their peers to the point where students are holding each other accountable.

Mr. Rhodes has been a strong supporter of Roadmap to Success and has contributed his expertise and knowledge at our teacher focus groups. This year, Mr. Rhodes has pushed students to think deeper about the content by engaging them in group discussions. Mr. Rhodes has created a strong bond with students that is felt from the moment you walk into his classroom where you are met with a culture of achievement. We’re honored to have Mr. Rhodes as a Roadmap to Success teacher who not only gives his best in his classroom, but contributes his time to our organization.

Read on for our interview!

What did you want to be when you were in middle school?

I changed my mind so many times in middle school: professional soccer player, chef, singer. The list was endless.

Alma Mater

College of the Holy Cross

Please share your favorite college memory.

My favorite memory is probably scoring my first goal in soccer, or recording my first tackle in football.

Did you always want to teach? If not, what led you to the classroom?

I did not. I spent my first year outside of college working at a medical software company before applying and being accepted to Notre Dame’s ACE Teaching Fellows Program. I was drawn to the classroom because I strongly believe that education is one of the greatest vehicles for success in life.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Sitting at Torchy’s enjoying some delicious tacos.

Why do you think it’s important for students to have access to college and career readiness programs? What skillsets have your students developed through the Roadmap to Success program?

Many of the skills developed during the Roadmap to Success program are immediately impactful to my students. There are strong parallels between the application process between college and high school, and so even as they are learning material that will prepare them as they move from high school to college, they can also use that information to help them as they prepare to enter high school.

What is one piece of advice you would give your students about their futures?

One piece of advice I would give to my students about their futures is to keep a broad horizon when it comes to their educations. Everyone seems to be in such a rush to figure out ‘what they’re going to be’ or ‘what they want to study’ that oftentimes we forget to enjoy the ability to learn a little bit about a lot. Some of my favorite classes in college had absolutely nothing to do with my majors.

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