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Success Story

Roadmap Teacher of the Month: March

The Roadmap to Success Teacher of the Month for March is Mr. Pablo Ovalle. Mr. Ovalle is a Special Education TA at Uplift Grand Preparatory. Congratulations Mr. Ovalle!

Alma Mater: Cedar Valley College

Area of Study: Automotive Technology

Favorite high school or college memory: One of my favorite memories in high school was attending Forensic Science, where I learned about interesting topics like fingerprinting and ballistics.

Why you chose to work in education: I chose to work in education so that I can serve as a positive role model in my scholar’s lives.

Favorite quote: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Favorite activity/lesson in the Roadmap to Success Program: One of my favorite lessons in RTS is Professionalism, because it helps scholars understand the importance in remaining professional as they prepare to enter the real world.

Impact Manager Courtney Fadley nominated Mr. Ovalle as the March Teacher of the Month. Here’s what she had to say about this committed educator! 

“Mr. Ovalle is one of the most committed teachers we have. He spends a lot of time preparing for the lessons and always wants feedback on how to improve both his general teaching strategies as well as how to strengthen Roadmap to Success lessons in general. He is not a traditional teacher, but a campus TA and stepped in without hesitation to take on the course. He works really hard to make the Roadmap to Success Program the best possible experience for his students and really wants them to learn everything they can from it.”

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