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Success Story

Roadmap Student of the Month: February

EOD has recently created a Roadmap Student of the Month Program. We are highlighting students in the Roadmap to Success Program who are using the tools they’ve learned to purposefully navigate through high school to post-secondary success! We’re proud to highlight MawLi as our first student of the month, and can’t wait to see her participate on Top Chef someday in the future!

Feb. Student of the Month

Student: MawLi

School: D.A. Hulcy STEAM Middle School

Student Grade Level: 6th Grade

What do you plan to do after high school?

I hope to get accepted to Texas A & M University at College Station. I plan to earn a four year degree that will lead me to becoming a culinary chef. Becoming a culinary chef is my dream career. I love to cook rice and chocolate treats with my parents.

What is your favorite Roadmap to Success lesson and why?

My favorite Roadmap to Success lesson is the “GPA and Class Rank” lesson. At first I didn’t know what a GPA was or how to calculate it. Now I know how getting the best grades possible benefits me. I am currently a student in Pre-AP classes. My plan is to stay in advanced classes to help maintain a high class rank and GPA. I have learned that maintaining a high GPA and class rank will help me get accepted into the college of my choice.

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