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Success Story

Success Stories

Success Stories keep Education Opens Doors focused on our mission of empowering students to strategically navigate through high school to college.  Teachers and students who share the impact we’ve made motivate and empower us.  They help us see the reality of our mission coming to life.

Our ninth graders came to us in 2011 and 2012 with college in mind.  They were insistent on AVID interviews and Pre AP courses, they were more organized, and they began inquiring with our counselors both their ninth and then tenth grade year about college scholarships and graduation plans.

-Molina High School 9th Grade Teacher

My students are excited about the student manual so far. It is nice for us to have something productive and practical to do during advisory. They are already asking questions about financial aid, scholarships, and internships, which many said they hadn’t even heard of before Roadmap to Success.  

-Pilot High School Advisory Teacher

I showed Roadmap to Success to my older sister who is a junior in high school. She has been using it to apply to college and find scholarships. Thank you! 

-Mariah, age 14

My Roadmap to Success gave me a head start in thinking about college and my future. I have already started looking for universities that I could attend so that I can become a veterinarian. 

-Stacie, age 15

Jenna and her friend Nicole got out their Roadmap to Success books today (no prompting from me) and quietly read them together at lunch; one of those great moments to see as a mom. Thank you.

-Roadmap to Success parent

Thank you for writing Roadmap to Success for us, it has been really helpful to prepare me for high school. It has also helped me be more organized with my time and be more responsible.

-Yessenia, age 14

The Roadmap to Success book prepared me for the transition from 8th grade to high school. I knew I was taking the right classes and what to expect before I got here. 

-Jose, age 14

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