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Success Story

Mayor’s High School Intern Farewell and Reflection

Through the generosity of The Beck Group and the Dallas Foundation, we were able to hire an intern this summer through the Mayor’s High School Intern Fellowship. Brenna was our first high school intern at EOD, and we were so impressed with her level of positivity, commitment to her work, and dedication in learning new skills and completing tasks.  We are so thankful for the work that she did, and we wish her well in all her future endeavors! You can read Brenna’s reflection on her experience with EOD below:


As an upcoming senior in high school who’s slowly approaching adulthood, I felt that I needed to take on more responsibilities. With summer coming around the corner, I knew that it would be the perfect time to obtain a job, so I applied for the Mayor’s Intern Fellowship Program. When I received a job offer from Education Opens Doors, at first I was just excited about making my own money. I had no idea that within the next 8 weeks, I would learn so much about myself and the real world. My experience at EOD has been more than just something I can put on a resume, it has been life-changing.

With this being my first job, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. My worst fear, as the new intern, was having a job where I didn’t feel comfortable. I walked into the office thinking I would be just another employee getting a paycheck, but in reality, I became a part of the team. My coworkers have been very supportive, on and off site. Whether I needed advice about college or some assistance on a project, they were always willing to help. I’m so glad I worked in an environment where I felt relaxed and welcomed.

One of my main projects was to give feedback on the PowerPoint presentations created for the Roadmap to Success lessons. This project was beneficial for the program and me, as I was able to voice my opinion and give EOD insight from a student’s lens. This specific project will enhance the program and help the students relate more to the lessons.


This internship has taught me many technical skills as well. Throughout the 8 weeks, I have learned how to use several different computer applications, like InDesign, Microsoft Suite, and Google docs, calendar and drive. Knowing how to use these applications and softwares, has advanced my technology literacy and will look great for my future resume.


Another one of my main projects consisted of informational interviews with each member of the EOD team. My coworkers are very passionate about their job and listening to their stories has inspired me, and made me think about my future. Before my internship, I didn’t know what careers I was interested in. As I learned more about the mission of this organization, it opened my eyes to different things. Before I would’ve never considered the education field for a career, but now my point of view has changed.

This internship has been a great learning experience for me. It has taught me discipline and many other life skills I will need whenever I start my own career. I have grown far more mature because of this job, and I’m so grateful I had the chance to work for this organization. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this program!


Thank you for everything, EOD team!

Brenna Ortiz

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