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Success Story

Changing the Game at Marsh Middle School


A teacher at Marsh Middle school reflected on our program’s impact in her classroom, and said we could share her thoughts:

“I firmly believe in my heart that the mission of Education Opens Doors is going to change the game for every student across Dallas ISD and, one day, kids all over the country. As an instructor in its pilot program, I, personally, have learned so much about the pathways that exist – yet are not explicitly communicated to kids – toward the ultimate goal of graduating college. EOD is filling a desperately under-addressed void in the education of our students and will be essential to closing the achievement gap for our students in both the short and long term.

Need proof? Sit in on an EOD lesson. You should see the way kids’ eyes light up when they’re learning about the skills, obstacles, and achievements necessary to get to and then succeed in college. Intrinsically, they knew this information was out there all along and they knew no one was communicating it to them. When they hear it for the first time, you should see – in the most quietly confident of ways – how appreciative they are that something and someone is finally making the effort to share it with them.

Education Opens Doors. And our kids are ready to sprint, not walk, through them.”

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