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Education Opens Doors takes Madrid!

This April, I had the opportunity to represent Education Opens Doors at the BBVA Momentum Global Summit in Madrid, Spain. Education Opens Doors was one of only 14 innovative entrepreneurs across the world invited to be a part of the Summit!

I’ll begin by stating how incredibly appreciative I was of the opportunity to be able to share with other social enterprises from Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and Turkey the impactful work that we do. From the bank and our fellow entrepreneurs, there was an incredible outpouring of interest and agreement in the value and critical need for the Roadmap to Success program. Recognizing how our organizational cause is not simply a local, but truly a global issue was conversely both disheartening and empowering. Hearing the challenges of other educational systems, I couldn’t resist considering the expansion of our program to Spain in the future!

The 2 days of class at the BBVA campus were filled with sessions ranging from Technology for Social Good, Agile Methodology, Big Data, and Digital Transformation. Other organizations focused their work on social impact ranging from wheelchair accessibility to repurposing garbage to clean water. So, so impressed with our fellow humans. They offered a sobering view of the issues within their own country, but have found incredibly innovative ways to address and combat these challenges. 

On Spain, I feel the need to share the following:

  • 8 hours of my only free day were spent wandering around their impressive main park – El Parque Retiro. Think NYC Central Park, but with more grandeur, rollerblades, peacocks and rowboats.
  • I have never eaten more ham. For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and again for breakfast. 

Travel/living abroad comprised the better part of my ten professional years prior to one fateful move to Dallas. Thus, this was an amazing opportunity to blend my passion for all things international and Education Opens Doors.

Andy Lovley, Director of Operations

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