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“Doing Good Better” with SVP-Dallas

Since Fall 2014, EOD has been partnered with Social Venture Partners-Dallas (SVP) as an Advisee. It’s no coincidence that over the course of the 1½ years that we have been involved with the talented professionals at SVP, our program has grown dramatically and we have seen a growth in program efficiency. EOD has benefitted immensely from our partnership with SVP, and we want to recognize the hard work and dedication of our team of advisors, as well as the SVP organization as a whole for the tremendous work they are doing in the Dallas community.

SVP’s membership consists of “engaged community leaders committed to improving lives and maximizing social impact through the thoughtful application of our collective resources and expertise.” The local Dallas chapter has been in existence since 2000, and since that time has worked with over 25 local nonprofits in a variety of capacities. Currently, over 100 local professionals are members of the SVP-Dallas chapter.


EOD’s current team of advisors consists of 5 members: Steve Raab, Dick Evans, Mike Duffy, Bob Wright, and Chris Kroeger. Past advisors in our initial phase included Ray and Carol Claxton, Betty Van Dyck, and Michael Wald. Each of these professionals have spent countless hours dedicated to sorting out some of the biggest obstacles facing EOD, and have provided tangible and thoughtful solutions that have allowed us to increase our impact across the Dallas area. Specific areas in which our SVP team is currently investing their time include improving business operations and enrollment procedures, implementing technology solutions, revising accounting systems, and devising a 3-year strategic plan.


One such instance of SVP’s generosity and solutions-oriented investment was when we first realized that our student data processing methods were time-consuming and inefficient. As a small nonprofit, staff time is extremely valuable, and our model was not sustainable for future expansion. Our SVP team not only recommended a software solution that would improve efficiency, but also recommended that we apply for a grant from the SVP/Mary Jalonick Fund at The Dallas Foundation that would cover the cost of the equipment. We received the grant, and are now better able to process the student data that is so vital to the growth of our program.

Our whole team at EOD is extremely grateful to the SVP members who have invested their time, talent, and resources into our program so that we’re better able to empower students across Dallas with the life-changing Roadmap to Success Program. Our work is only possible because of the generosity of community members like these who share our vision of turning college aspiration into reality. Learn more about SVP-Dallas on their website: http://www.socialventurepartners.org/dallas/

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