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3,260 Volunteer Hours Donated

Over the weekend of October 2-4, EOD was the beneficiary of a unique form of volunteerism and philanthropy from Dallas Give Camp. With the mission of “Coding it Forward”, 110 volunteers donated 3,260 volunteer hours over the course of one weekend, which translated to $470,000 donated in total to nonprofits in the Dallas area.

Give Camp Volunteers

EOD was selected to receive assistance in revamping our teacher portal, a valuable tool for teachers, Impact Managers, and administrators involved in the Roadmap to Success Program. The portal is the hub of our program, and teachers are trained on its use during their professional development session on how to set-up and utilize the online portal in order to access program resources and create lesson calendars specific to their classroom. The teacher portal also includes a discussion board to share resources across campuses, access to additional instructional materials and videos, and a calendar to track their own schedule and communicate their plan for lesson implementation with their Impact Manager.

This valuable tool was improved and made even more functional, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our 8 Give Camp volunteers. Tirelessly working all weekend, our skilled developers rebooted the portal, adding more functionality and ease of use for our teachers. Thanks to their hard work, $39,800 in donated time was contributed! Some of the portions of the website that they worked on included:

  • Teacher schedules
  • Automated weekly reports
  • Live updates from EOD’s observation tool
  • Tracker for number of students in the room
  • Tracker for additional books needed, and extra books noted
  • Interactive dashboard for teacher & principals

The updated portal is now live for our 172 teachers, who are implementing the Roadmap to Success Program at 32 sites across the Dallas area.

Give Camp Volunteers 2

We could not be more grateful to the generous volunteers at Dallas Give Camp, who have given us the tools to more effectively communicate with our partners, and through them, empower more students with the college knowledge and soft skills that they need to achieve their post-secondary goals. It’s only with the support of the community that we’re able to turn college aspiration into reality! Check out another recap of the Give Camp weekend on the Dallas Give Camp website. 

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